Tue Jan 24 2023

Operon D850 InstaDrive 5th Wheel Assembly

Anyone have any info on obtaining the 5th Wheel assembly for D850 better known as InstaDrive. I'm looking for a source other than manufacture since their parts are super expensive. I'm just looking for the wheel assembly with motor and hydraulics not the electronics associated with the system. Also is there a document which specifically covers the InstaDrive system because service manual leave allot to be desired. Any input would be appreciated.

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Fri Feb 10 2023Reply from T-Lobato
Fraza44 I am not sure third party parts are available for these tables. Let me know if you find one. I'd be interested in those sources. At our facility, we will keep retired tables to pull parts from. Good luck, I know Stryker is expensive! T.

TJ Lobato | MedWrench Guru
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