Tue Jan 31 2023

How to change ventilatory and respiratory defaults

I have the configuration password; how do I change the default parameters? Do I need a specialized usb?

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Tue Jan 31 2023Reply from Chris S
Chris S

3.13.3 Saving as User Configuration

You can change monitor settings as required and then save the changed settings into a user configuration. This patient monitor can save multiple user configurations, and you can name the saved user configurations.

1. Change monitor setting as required and make sure that the changes are suitable for your patient.

2. Select [Main Menu]l[Maintenance>>]l[User Maintenance >>]lenter the required passwordl[Manage Configuration >>].

3. Select [Save as User Default Config. >>].

4. Enter a name and select [Save]. If the entered name already exists, a message box will appear. Proceed by following the message. The configuration name saved in the patient monitor is in the form of “entered name+patient category+Config”. e.g., if you enter the name “ICU1” and the current patient is an adult, the configuration name will be “ICU1 Adult Config”.

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