Tue Feb 07 2023

Thermostatic Control setting - Olympic model 43 drier / solution / blanket warmer

I have a 20 year old warmer that has a temperature limit of 98 degrees. The original spec for the unit was 120 degrees, but it will not go above body temperature regardless of where the dial is set. between 60 and 98 degrees it operates correctly. There is no obvious physical limitation on the dial or rheostat or indication on the warmer that it has an upper limit other than the original. I can see nothing in the manual on a way of modifying the limiter. The backside of the control area looks untouched. My customer wants the warmer to function as per its original spec. Any suggestions?

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Wed Feb 08 2023Reply from Emily Vitkovitsky
Emily Vitkovitsky

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Wed Feb 08 2023Reply from Chris S
Chris S

1 of the heaters may not be functioniong.  Ohm them out and make sure they are not open.  They should be 10 - 20 ohms.   Make sure you have 120v going to both heaters.  Could also be the thermal probe.  

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Wed Feb 08 2023Reply from Raynorshine Enterprises
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I will suggest my customer check the elements, but since the units heats up as it should and then stops at body temperature, this seems more likely to be an imposed limit.  I suspect it may be in the temperature controlled P/N 4000726-001.  This appears to be a basic rheostatic control, but without seeing it directly, I cannot tell if it has some special characteristic.  If it is just a straight circa 1990s control, a dimmer switch will probably work.  The other thing it could be is the thermoscoupler in the probe has been set to shut off at 98 degrees.  That would probably be the simplest modification to make to achieve this limitation, but I cannot find a reference to it or a part number in the manual, much less instruct a customer 3000 miles away on how to replace it.

Thanks for the reply,

Bruce Raynor

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