Tue Feb 07 2023


Can some help to educate me on this error information on DBB07 ? Error "TF205 Dialysate press transducer t "

Equipment: Nikkiso - DBB-07

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Wed Feb 08 2023Reply from krkenney88


This indicates that dialysate pressure has exceeded whatever the preset level to trigger this alarm is.

Possible solutions:

- Is the UF volume too high?
- Is the dialser's UF factor too small?
- Is there air present on the dialysate side? If so, press "Bypass select" key and then "Gaspurge." After the air has been removed, press "Gaspurge" again, "Bypass select" again, and "Alarm reset" in order to continue treatment.

Koby Kenney
MedWrench Guru

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