Thu Feb 09 2023

Peak skin dose

I have a customer that called in from out of state asking for help finding the peak skin dose. Because I work on most of the 9800-up c-arms in my region everyone assumes I know how to do this. I'm not very familiar with the 9600, looking for some guidance on how to turn this on if possible.

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Fri Feb 17 2023Reply from Traveling FSE
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MaxR? Skin dose is normally taken from the I.I. Slightly confused from customers request.

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Mon Feb 20 2023Reply from ffriedmann
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Never heard of peak skin dose, but max R/min. It is not turned on, but is a limitation of the system dose capability. The limit for normal dose are 10R/min for normal dose and 20R/min for high dose (requires audible notification when enabled). Most set for 9R and 18R/min. Refer to 21CFR1020.32 (3) Measuring compliance. If you are referring to OEC high dose option, boost mode (12mA), the OEC 9600 manual shows the operator can enable it if the option is enabled.

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