Mon Feb 13 2023


Icon keeps saying low coolant level despite changing hand pieces, filling reservoir and I can hear the fluid is pumping through the hand pieces. Any thoughts

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Thu Feb 16 2023Reply from Wayne-UML
There are a few things you can look at: 1. On the right of the reservoirs, there is a switch and a sign. Read the sign, but I believe it asks you to put the switch in the up position for operation. 2. If the handpieces were empty of fluid, they will fill themselves from the reservoir during operation. This will cause a low fluid error. Just make sure you refill after attaching a device that hasn't been used in a while. 3. Remember that there are 2 reservoirs. Be sure they are both full. If after you've done this the problem remains unchanged, contact a company for service.

Wayne Delgado
Senior Laser Engineer
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