Mon Feb 27 2023

WiFi Capabilities

I recently replaced the main board of the EKG because the device was having an issue where whenever an order from the manager interface was selected, the screen would go to static and black out. This issue was fixed after replacing the main board, but no longer has access to WiFi. I checked the option activation settings and saw that the WiFi was deactivated and can be re-enabled, but it's locked behind an option code. Is there a universal code that works or is there no other way other than to contact GE for the code?

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Tue Feb 28 2023Reply from Chris S
Chris S
The option codes that were originally purchased on the device should be printed on a label located on the bottom of the paper tray. You can activate all the options by going to Main Menu - System Setup -Basic System - Option activation. Type the 12 digit activation code and press enter. Repeat for each option to be activated.

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Tue Feb 28 2023Reply from AJ_Diaz
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Unfortunately, the only way to get the option activated is the specific code that was supplied by GE. Those codes are generated based on the serial number. If the cart did not originally come with the wifi activated, then you can call GE, give them the serial number and they should be able to look up the code.

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