Thu Mar 02 2023

pressure limit warning

Hello all, I have an error " Pressure limit warning" does any one experience this or does anyone have any service manual on this unit would greatly appreciated. Thank you all

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Tue May 30 2023Reply from Akoto
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Hi Richard. Is it showing this "CAL 873 - The software checked for the presence of pressure calibration data before operation and determined that pressure calibration data does not exist."? If yes please try this if you have access to swift.

1. Perform pressure calibration on unit.
2. Clear the SRU NVRAM.
3. Replace the Servo/CPU Card.

If not contact the dealer. 

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Mon Jun 05 2023Reply from InjectorSME
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Richard, when was the last time this unit has had a PM? It should have a PM annually where flow rate, volume, and pressures are checked. The last response was very good but let’s make sure that you have a legitimate problem first. 

Run 50ml @ 5 ml/sec through a tube with a 20 gage needle to see if it delivers all 50 ml in 10 sec without error. If there is no error then I recommend you PM the unit and ask the FSE to check your administration set and process. The FSE will be able to determine if your unit is out of calibration as well. 

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