Tue Mar 07 2023

Overtemp Tripping

Hi, my E-1 Hydrocollator keep going in overtemp mode and stop heating. I already replaced the overtemp switch with a genuine part #20548 but it's still tripping. What do you think is the issue here? Thank You.

Equipment: Chattanooga - Hydrocollator E-1

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Wed Mar 08 2023Reply from Chris S
Chris S
I would verify the resistance of the heating element is approximately 14 ohms. If the element is good, replace the thermostat, P/N 10631.

Official MedWrench Guru
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Wed Mar 08 2023Reply from OlivierD
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Hi Chris, the heating element seems fine, i'll try to replace the thermostat. Thanks!

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Wed May 24 2023Reply from ABarney
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Were you able to solve the problem?

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