Wed Mar 08 2023

My Medtester 5000C Internal Clock isn't running

Recently I had to get the backup battery replaced and sent the unit to Toronto. It came back new battery but was not at all programmed. Using the manual I managed to do all the programming including the Date & Time as per Pg 2-3, but once the time is stored, the clock is the only thing not running/working. I now have to scratch out the last Date/Time I set and write the current information on the printout! Can anyone explain how I can fix or correct this problem . Steps followed on Pg 2-3 Setting Date & Time including pressing the switch on the side and 'Store' is done but the clock does not start to run! Thanks in advance

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Thu Mar 09 2023Reply from Stanislav_
It seems that when the battery was changed, the connector in the device was not connected properly, or the contact may have been lost.

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