Tue Mar 14 2023

SERVO U Vent S/N 31684

The Customer says NOt Calibrating-Internal Leak. Has someone any idea about this issue?

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Tue Mar 14 2023Reply from GalenDunlap
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Often times it is because something in the right side exhalation port area is not seated correctly (a majority of the time it is related to the O2 or Air modules). Was the unit in the process of a PM, or did this just occur "out of the blue"? Usually it happens during a PM, when PM kit parts are being replaced. The other option is to replace the exhalation module with a known good one and retest the system.

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Tue Aug 01 2023Reply from DSYoung
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I remove and disassemble the proximal pressure out pipe. Remove the O2 sensor too. Taking out the diaphragm and connections and clean using just hot water, dry really good with O2 and reassemble. Works most times. 

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