Thu Mar 16 2023

Boost (Power Mode)

Hey I have a Varic that when you put it into boost or power mode it doesn’t change much at all. Goes from 3.4R/min to 3.5ish. I have the same problem with a couple of Siremobil systems as well. Is there a cal for this mode?

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Tue Jun 06 2023Reply from Tomelgy
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On the later models of Siremobil Compact & Arcadis Varic the software was changed to limit the Max R value.

Additionally 0.1mm CU filter was added to the X-Ray tube port to reduce patient skin dose.

Look at the X-Ray tube label, you should see an additional label with the Cu value.

What Dose value do you get if Manual selected @ max kV & Max mA set with continuous Fluoro?

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