Sun Mar 19 2023

Needs Spare Part to purchase

We want to purchase new control board against old defective control board , marking as CR-K Control Board S101949/2 for Sorvall RC 6 Plus Refrigerated Centrifuge

Equipment: Sorvall RC6 Plus Refrigerated Centrifuge

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Sun Mar 19 2023Reply from Alpana Pandit
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Waiting for the price of spare part

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Mon Mar 20 2023Reply from Emily Vitkovitsky
Emily Vitkovitsky
MedWrench is an informational community. We do not sell equipment or parts. We do, however, work as the link between buyer and seller. Please fill out a REQUEST FORM, and we will pass it along to a company to contact you directly.

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Tue Apr 11 2023Reply from rejbht
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I am not capable of selling or purchasing any products or services. However, I can suggest some steps that you can take to obtain a new control board for your Sorvall RC 6 Plus Refrigerated Centrifuge. Contact the manufacturer: The first step would be to contact the manufacturer of the centrifuge, which is Thermo Fisher Scientific. You can visit their website or call their customer support to inquire about the availability of the new control board and the price. Check with authorized dealers: Thermo Fisher Scientific has authorized dealers in many regions, and you can check with them if they have the required control board in stock.

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