Fri Mar 24 2023


Hi friends I am a biomedical engineer here in Mexico, and i got this equipment. The problem is that when my technicians want to use the auto-modes, sometimes they got this error: "Calculated Exposure time exceed back up time" . I dont know it has to do something with a bad technique. Also the images when that happens, the breast is totally white. Manually i do not have that problem.

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Fri Mar 24 2023Reply from Jodiflo
If the system isn’t calibrated properly for filaments, thickness, hvl, kv, and, dose then using any of the AUTO settings such as Auto Filter which relies on thickness and the scout pulse to set Kv- or Auto time which uses a set Kv per the pre- determined compression thickness. Hope this helps.

Jodi Andrews - Official MedWrench Guru 
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