Fri Mar 24 2023

Cios Select randomly restarts

Hello, We have a Cios Select c-arm. It restarts randomly sometimes after 5 or 30 or 15 minutes and sometimes it works hours without restarts. We cant work with it as is. Any idea about this problem?

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Wed Dec 06 2023Reply from OEC For Me
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Just saw this post and wondering how you made out with the fix.  I have a customer with the same issue.

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Wed Dec 06 2023Reply from Tomelgy
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It would be interesting to know what was happening at the restart point.

Was system on standby or during radiation or both?

Does it only happen with radiation? If yes,  what KV.

I would think in terms of noise generated & causing pc to restart. Check grounds & tube grounds.

It could be so many errors are generated the PC is overloaded & restarts.

Check the correct amount of ram is I stalled & recognised.

Check the power source impedence is good enough & not high.

Do you see any error messages.

Have yoy checked logs in windows?


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