Fri Mar 31 2023

Changing the cmos battery.

Hi everyone. Can someone confirm that the cmos battery is a CR2032 type battery. Also, as i don't have access to a service manual, could someone provide instructions on how to get to the cmos battery in order to replace it. thanks in advance.

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Tue Apr 04 2023Reply from Naughtytog
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Replacing it is pretty easy, resetting is another story, I replaced mine, now need to find out how to reset cmos. Turn the upside down take the screws off and take the bottom off and then the sides. You need to get to the side where the transducers plug in. There's like ten screws around it. Thats you're input output board. Unscrew, then pull that i/o board off, That will get you all to the boards. You need to pull the board with the hard drive on it and you'll see the cmos battery system 2032

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