Mon Apr 03 2023

RA 50 bayer flow cell / celda de flujo

Good morning, does anyone know or know where to look for bayer medical equipment spare parts? Since I need the flow cell and the filters of the RA 50 Bayer chemistry analyzer. Thanks in advance. Buen día ¿alguien conoce o sabe donde ubicar repuestos de equipos médicos de bayer?, ya que necesito la celda de flujo y los filtros del analizador de quimica RA 50 Bayer. gracias de antemano.

Equipment: RA 50 BAYER

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Mon Apr 03 2023Reply from Emily Vitkovitsky
Emily Vitkovitsky
MedWrench is an informational community. We do not sell equipment or parts. We do, however, work as the link between buyer and seller. Please fill out a REQUEST FORM and we will pass it along to a company to contact you directly.

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