Mon Apr 10 2023

Does not power on

A pop was heard, and now the machine does not power on. The fuses on the control pcb and the ac distribution pcb are good. The cap bank has a small amount of vdc (less than a volt). Lights D7 "FAULT" and D8 "POWER OK" on the HV control pcb are on. Lights "HV input ok" and "AC input ok" are also on on the AC dist. pcb. Any thoughts, ideas? I want to open up the hvps, and check for blown fuses etc in there, but any other thoughts?

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Mon Apr 10 2023Reply from Wayne-UML

Your HVPS is also responsible for generating the 24VDC, which is responsible for your low voltage. If there is no low voltage, the laser will not turn on. You may want to look there.

Wayne Delgado
Senior Laser Engineer
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