Tue Apr 18 2023

Any differences in software versions? 6.05/6.02, etc

I have 6.05's and 6.02's and there does not seem to be any difference between them, yet customers are picky about it. Same with the 8.03's and 8.04's.

Is there a list of differences or updates between the two so I can inform customers?

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Tue Apr 18 2023Reply from Chris S
Chris S

I believe the main difference is compatibility with Care Everywhere.  They won't be able to load a drug library if the software is not correct.  I don't have a list of compatible software.  There is not a lot of difference clinically.

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Tue Apr 18 2023Reply from Sean Sammons
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Thank you for your reply!

Okay, that's something to go on. I'll look into that and keep Care Everywhere in mind when customers have questions/orders. Thank you!

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