Mon Apr 24 2023

100 W Output limit for Force 2

This Force 2 (Dash number 20CEM) will not output any monopolar power higher than 100 Watts. The power settings can be adjusted to the maximum values for each mode on the display (300 - pure cut, 250 - Blend 1, 200 - Blend 2, 150 - Blend 3, 120 - Coag). But when the footpedal or handswitch is activated, the unit will reset the power setting to 100 W, then output power at that setting. The Bipolar mode does not seem to be affected by this. This seems like a setting that needs to be adjusted. Any input is appreciated.

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Fri Apr 28 2023Reply from Aneserv Medical Inc.
Aneserv Medical Inc.

Did you try to just use the pencil without the footswitch attached? I have seen the conmed foot petal attached by accident to these units as they will fit perfect but the cut/coag pedals are backwards...should have been a recall on this years ago! Otherwise, you are probably looking at a bad Transister on the output board.

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