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Equipment: lEICA CM1850

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Tue May 09 2023Reply from hz61821_8609
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If the cabinet temperature of your Leica CM1850 cryostat is not reaching the desired temperature of -23°C, and the ambient temperature of the room is almost 26°C, then there may be several factors contributing to this issue. Here are some troubleshooting steps you can follow to help diagnose the problem:

Check the cooling system: Ensure that the cooling system is functioning properly and that the refrigerant levels are sufficient. Check for any leaks or blockages in the cooling system.

Clean the condenser: Make sure the condenser is clean and free of dust or debris. A dirty condenser can prevent the cryostat from cooling properly.

Check the temperature sensor: Verify that the temperature sensor is functioning correctly and is in the correct location within the cryostat. If the sensor is not in the proper location, the temperature reading may be inaccurate.

Inspect the door seal: Ensure that the door seal is intact and functioning properly. A damaged door seal can allow warm air to enter the cryostat, preventing it from cooling properly.

Reduce room temperature: Lowering the temperature of the room can help the cryostat reach its desired temperature. Consider using an air conditioner or a fan to reduce the ambient temperature of the room.

If you have tried these troubleshooting steps and the cryostat still does not reach the desired temperature, it may be time to contact the manufacturer or a qualified service technician for further assistance Otherwise Contact Your Laboratory Equipment Supplier  for more help .

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Wed Jun 07 2023Reply from Ross
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Pretty pointless to say that temperature is "not getting -23C." Is it getting to -21C? Does it not cool at all? Does it get to -5C?
There is a big difference in troubleshooting situation between a cryostat that almost gets to the set temperature versus one that doesn't cool at all.

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