Thu Apr 27 2023

Ultrasound Machine Malfunctioning

I need help… I recently purchased a old ultrasound machine and now once powered on the screen is black and appears with white static horizontal lines. I listened to this guy on a fb ultrasound group… and removed the back panel and snapped out all the boards and reinserted them… now once turned on there’s no beeping and only the key light is functioning on the keyboard.. the screen appears white/blank. What’s the problem now?

Equipment: GE RT 3200 Advantage II

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Thu Apr 27 2023Reply from Carcasta
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Hi Tywonders.

Did you try removing and reinserting all the PCB´s? Sometimes a poor contact on rear connectors can cause malfunction, so use isopropilic alcohol or electronic contact cleaner. Check if there is a broken or bent pin in any connector. Every card should be placed in a specific slot on chassis. Also remember there is a backup battery that can block most of functions including keyboard and video (white screen) until replaced (maybe in A3 MST board). When you change the battery, reboot the system using service commands (S !, S Z.. etc.) 

You can download its service manual:

Hope it helps. Best regards.

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Fri Apr 28 2023Reply from Aneserv Medical Inc.
Aneserv Medical Inc.

replace the system battery on the main cpu board. It's probably dead and causes this.

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