Mon May 08 2023

Tom W Lumenis - VarsaPulse Select II

Lumenis Power Suite 100W, how does one access the error log on this machine if possible?

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Mon May 08 2023Reply from MapleTreeBiomed

Hey Elliot Hospital, 

You can access the logs by putting the laser into service mode. To do this we need to open the front door. Locate the hole in the left side of the front door panel. Use an allen wrench to push up into it unlocking the door latch. With the door open you will see the large main control board in front of you. On the board there are some micro switches about half way down on the left. With the machine on but no fiber installed, flip SW2 (the top one). It does not matter which way, the switch just has to change state. The display should flip over into service mode. Press Next Screen and I think you might find what you are looking for in Reports. Hit User mode to return to normal operation. 

Good luck!

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