Mon May 08 2023

Rollstand mount

Howdy! This is a long shot, but just curious. Has anyone out there purchased a rollstand set, made by GCX, from Philips that is labeled the Effica-SureSigns Premium rollstand with swiveling bin? The rollstand can support several models of Philips vital sign monitors, including at least the VS2, VS3, VS4, and VS30. What I'm asking is if anyone has recently put together some stands for the VS4? I'm looking for a bracket that fits only the VS30. The other monitors takes a plastic bracket that's flat, but the VS30 uses a bracket that has about a 30 degree bend in the middle. The rollstand kit comes with both brackets. I'm hoping that someone out there has put together some rollstands for the VS4 and the other bent brackets are surplus to them. I just need one. I've tried talking to someone at GCX but they're having a hard time finding their part number for this bracket, so that's why I'm asking out here. I'm frankly surprised that there isn't yet a category for the VS30 here, since the monitor has been in use for several years now. Oh, and if you want to go to the GCX website and look for yourself, the document number of the rollstand is DU-PH-0058-72, revision E. No part numbers are mentioned in this, just how to assemble the rollstand for use. You'll see the different brackets mentioned throughout the document. Thank you for your time!

Equipment: Philips SureSign VS30

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