Thu May 11 2023

Gets stuck in starting up, won’t initialize

Anyone know how to get this machine to start? 

Equipment: Hologic - Fluoroscan Premier Encore 60000

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Thu May 11 2023Reply from Jodiflo

from your limited information posted, I would look at replacing the CMOS battery on the Motherboard then move into BIOS as the system boots to set day and time.

Jodi Andrews - Official MedWrench Guru 
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Fri May 12 2023Reply from ricardsc2
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First of all you need to insert the pasword : Checkmate,if this option  not apear check the CMOS batery and insert the bios

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Sun May 14 2023Reply from Lwooy
Mon May 15 2023Reply from Donna Hayes DPM
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Can someone describe the mother board, do i access the battery from the front or from the back of the machine?

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Tue May 30 2023Reply from Donna Hayes DPM
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I did find the motherboard and the batterly , coukld not remove it due to the type of welding, saw online a way to drill through the casing of the battery and try to bypass the dallas cmos battery with watch battery, but the man helping me was not very exact, and i think we drilled through the wrong locations and soldered the battery into the wrong place, amazingly , when we hooked it all up, the power to everything was working, even heard the hum of the hard drive, but the initializing still wont go through, the light on the keyboard is back on, so all is not lost, today I will have another friend try to remove the battery pin by pin and replace it with a new dallas cmos battery, I have two of them i found on cragislist., if any can text me with anything helpful, I have a surgery tomorrow and still have no working c-arm, my other location has a philips unit that is also suddenly giving out an error message at the moment so i dont want to lose this patient. I cant affiord to hire a tech to fix these issues bc my practice is too new and i simply dont have the money to throw at this, 

If anyone knows where i can purchase a refurbished mother board and hard drive for this machine ASAP, id be greatly appreciative.  Thanks for teaching me so much in such a short time, never expected to be learning the innards of a c-arm at this time in life! 

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