Mon May 15 2023

Steris 4085 floor locks

digging thru the maintenance manual to no avail. Remember when we used to get actual schematics, wiring diagrams, theory of operation? so i can hear the pump move when I engage the floor locks, however they're not moving. all 4, so i'm suspecting the manifold instead of the individual floor locks, but don't want to rule out the power supply. Has anyone run into this?

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Wed May 17 2023Reply from Ray Brown, CBET
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We don't have any 4085's here, but my past experiences on the 2085's was that occasionally enough saline solution got between the shaft and the bushing that the brake shaft would sieze up, even under the hydraulic pressure. It was a witch getting it unstuck. Chemicals and heat. You could run a pressure gauge test and see what your pressures are. 

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