Tue May 16 2023


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I have 2 Zoll AED pro's and i am having an issue. One battery used , when i place it on the first device without pressing the soft key to reset the battery, the device shows 4 bars remaining for the battery. On the second device the battery remaining is one bar and it is asking me to change the battery. Can someone have similar problems with the ZOLL AED Pro's? Can someone provide a solution? Is it battery issue or unit issue?

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Equipment: Zoll AED pro

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Tue May 16 2023Reply from hamop
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if wont charge , time to replace.  10 pg batt manual here:  https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1851288/Zoll-Surepower.html

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Mon May 22 2023Reply from Elijah79
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Apologies, failed to mention that the batteries are non rechargeable. Also the issue that i am dealing with is the same battery on 2 different units. In one unit it shows 1 bar and on the other unit the same battery shows 4 bars. What gives???

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Mon May 22 2023Reply from hamop
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sry, i'd misread the post . perhaps batt usage not reset. have a new battery for comparison ? chemistry is Lithium-manganese oxide (LiMnO2).  

manual self test. Press and hold the On/Off button
for at least 5 seconds.  Within 10 seconds after the unit is
turned on, the Ready indicator
displays a green check

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