Thu May 18 2023


Service manual

Equipment: Hitachi 122 h

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Thu May 18 2023Reply from Jo fiu
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Error 04

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Tue May 30 2023Reply from falana
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Kindly help me send service manual to my mail

How do I resolve error E04

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Wed Jun 21 2023Reply from Emily Vitkovitsky
Emily Vitkovitsky

MedWrench is available to help people with specific questions and troubleshooting problems.

What is the name of the manufacturer and model of the equipment you are working on? The MedWrench team will do their best to assist you in solving the issue. This will also help other community members who face similar challenges.

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Wed Jun 21 2023Reply from falana
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Name of Manufacturer: HITACHI

Model: DHF-122H II

Error code: E04

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