Wed May 31 2023

error 930


The equipment turns on and works normally until we inflate the cuff and then it generates an alarm and only 930 appears on the screen, what could be causing this?

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Wed May 31 2023Reply from AJ_Diaz
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Per the service manual:

Error Code: 930

Source: SPO2

Definition: No status from module for 30 ±10 sec. Fatal error reported by module

Can Be Silenced: No

Probable Source: Check cable and sensor; Parameter turned on - no hardware installed in unit

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Wed May 31 2023Reply from Chris S
Chris S

No status from SP02 module for 60 sec.  Fatal error reported by module.

Verify Sp02 configuration is correct type.  Parameter turned on - no hardware installed in unit.  

Service manual is available from the GE website:

Refer to pages 3-13 and 5-5.

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Wed May 31 2023Reply from S. Rooks
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The error code 930 is specifically for the SpO2 board failing to report parameter status. In essence, the SpO2 board has failed, or it is configured incorrectly. If no one has entered the config mode and made changes, assume the board is bad. If you suspect someone has made configuration changes, refer to page 3-13 and 3-14 in your service manual to verify or change the settings. 

We have all the parts needed for V100 repairs in stock with free phone tech support at Southeastern Biomedical. 

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Wed May 31 2023Reply from Bill L.
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Error 930 is for SpO2.  If the unit doesn't have SpO2, it may be enabled in the settings and causing this. Or it may be set to the wrong SpO2 that's installed. 0 is no SpO2, 1 is Nellcor, 2 is Masimo and 3 is Ohmeda.  Or the SpO2 module could be bad. 

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