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Equipment: Passport 5

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Mon Jun 12 2023Reply from Anestesia 2000
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Change parameters 

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Wed Jun 14 2023Reply from Chris S
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User Configuration Mode The Trend Configuration, Time/Date, Temperature Scale, Heart Rate/SpO2 Size Select, Alarm Audio Delay, Audio Alarm Standby, Serial Output Type, and CO2 settings may changed in the User Configuration Mode. This function is only available at power up and not during normal operation. The User Configuration Mode is accessed via a special power-up sequence.

To enter the User Configuration Mode:

 1. Turn the POWER switch ON.

 2. After the “DIAGNOSTIC IN PROGRESS” message is displayed, press and hold the FREEZE key (6) until a second beep is heard (approximately 2 seconds). The User Configuration Mode will display. 

The operation of the menu system is the same as the operation of the menu system during normal operation . To access normal operation when user configuration is complete, either time-out (no Set-Up key pressed within 1 minute) or press the END key for 3 seconds

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