Tue Jun 20 2023

Alaris 8015 PC not turning on

Whenever I press the System On key, the red arrow starts blinking and the unit beeps until i press the System on key again. I've tried holding the tamper to go into maintenance mode and that doesn't work either. 

It has a battery from this year. I charged it overnight and the issue continues this morning. Not sure if others have ran into this or what else to try. 

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Tue Jun 20 2023Reply from rsiefers
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the switching supply is bad (inside under handle)

replace it and do a battery condition. Problem should then be gone. However check to see if your unit is charging-I've had a bad power cord cause this type of problem too

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Wed Jun 21 2023Reply from SeanRenovo
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Tried new power cord, still happened. Waiting on the part now and i'll update! Thank you!

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Wed Jul 05 2023Reply from SeanRenovo
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Swapped out a new switching supply but no dice! Ended up sending it out for service. 

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