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Absorbance out of limits

Equipment: BioSystems - BTS 330

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Mon Jul 03 2023Reply from Tergelet
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I don't know much about this equipment. 

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Wed Jul 05 2023Reply from heathcotegeo
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I'm not too knowledgeable about this machinery. 


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Fri Aug 11 2023Reply from xeniat
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While challenging due to its specific requirements, these efforts showcase human fascination with nature's mysteries and the determination to preserve and understand the wonders of our world.

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Wed Aug 30 2023Reply from sachidan
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Replace lamp , If absorbance out of limits on all filters , if not , absorbance out of limit for one particular filter change the filter , Most probably the this problem will arise for 340nm (trhe filter has become opaque). 

2. Clean the Flow cell , throughly,  The absorbance of  Flow cell with  distilled water , shall not exceed 0.3 in 340 nm

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