Tue Jun 27 2023


Does anyone know what can be the issue, my 30C is not getting laser power is too low so it's not detecting and giving 0.0W on self test mode,  and when being on the calibration mode it won't reach 1W even when i put it to 25.0 W , but on meter is more than a watt but it is still low. what can I do to fix it. 

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Tue Jun 27 2023Reply from MapleTreeBiomed

Hey Jose,

We can have two things going on here. Either the internal laser power sensor has died or the CO2 tube is just worn out. The sensor is used to calibrate the unit at boot up and to build power tables.However, the 30C is a very old unit and it's most likely the laser tube inside has wear out. These tubes can wear out even when they are not in use from gas escaping or going inert. There are groups around that will recondition the CO2 laser tube though. I recommend finding a company that will let you ship the entire unit. The glass tube is very delicate and the clamps holding it in place can easily crack the tube if not tightened just right. Tubes aren't cheap.

Good Luck!

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