Thu Jul 06 2023

Air Mattress seat and chest deflating

Hello!  We purchased a refurbished TotalCare Sport P1900 2 years ago for my quadriplegic brother.  Recently the seat and chest sections on the mattress have started deflating, after he’s in the bed for some time.  The error codes being displayed have been various but the ones I have identified are 

91-1-113               95-1-112

10-1-170.              94-1-112

After the bed deflates and we’ve unplugged it, upon restart there are times when the blower motor cannot be heard and an odd “ticking” noise can be heard when this happens.  This doesn’t happen every time but we have noticed it at least a handful of times.  

We are desperate to fix his mattress and any help would be greatly appreciated.  I’m trying to determine if we need a new mattress or if the issue is somewhere in the electrical/air hoses.  

Equipment: Hillrom - TotalCare P1900

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