Sat Jul 08 2023

Service and operations manual

I would like to access the service and operation manual for the HP-M1275A patient monitor

Equipment: HP-M1275A

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Tue Jul 11 2023Reply from Ray Brown, CBET
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Well, you have to bear in mind that you're asking for information on a very obsolete monitor. Yes, they're still in use in a number of hospitals and clinics. There is a resource called "Frank's Place" that should have some manuals on this monitor. But bear in mind, if you have a specific problem, parts may not be available to repair the monitor. Also, if you're trying to reprogram the monitor for a different language or basic style monitor (ICU or Neonate), that programming information is probably long gone lost, because it was loaded from an older PC running DOS 6.22 into a box, and then that box reprogrammed the monitor for a different language. 

So. What's wrong with the monitor?

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