Sat Jul 08 2023

valve failing to close

can someone help me how to troubleshoot the error message valve failing to close. 

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Sat Jul 22 2023Reply from Michael K.
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please check the service manual:

Valve I2C Address J Error Bit Typical Hex

EBV 0x9E bit 1 J12 0 0x01

PBV 0x9E bit 0 J11 2 0x04

DRV 0x9C bit 1 J9 3 0x08

LBV 0x9C bit 0 J8 4 0x10

CBV 0x9A bit 1 J6 5 0x20

AMV 0x9C bit 2 J10 6 0x40

ACV 0x9A bit 2 J7 7 0x80

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Mon Jul 31 2023Reply from Paul Moyer
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Valve failure to open or close 1. Valve is disconnected 2. Valve is connected to incorrect connector on “Fluid system valve Sic board” 3. Cold Valve

Most likely you have a bad valve.

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