Mon Jul 31 2023

GE HealthCare Transport Pro Tram To PDM module issues.


I have a GE Transport Pro vital signs monitor that was setup being used with a tram 451 n module and works great. But it also has an ePort for the Ge PDM module cradle to attach to it. So I have attached a known good PDM cradle that was on a working system and installed the PDM module and it will not recognize the PDM module it gives error on the screen Service Acquisition Device in red no communications. Does anyone have any thoughts about what is wrong? I'd appreciate any and all help with this issue. Oh yea the software revision is 2.1C main and boot.

Thanks David   

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Mon Jul 31 2023Reply from T-Lobato

We have the GE Altix system at our facility that uses PDMs as well.  We had a problem with one and had to send it in.  They sent us a loaner to use in the meantime.  The system would not work until we registered or added the new PDM in the settings.  It sounds like you may be having a similar issue.

TJ Lobato | MedWrench Guru
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