Thu Aug 03 2023

Unit unable to power on

I just recently received a used Zoll E Series monitor, and was told by the seller that although the unit came with no battery, it was still able to power on via the medical grade 3 prong power cord— however, when I connected the unit and tried to turn it on, I was met with nothing; no beeps, no illuminated indicators, no signs that it was even plugged in in the first place. I made sure that the supply was plugged in properly, disconnected/connected the cord a couple times, and even tried different outlets, but the outcome was the same each time. Any idea what it could be? I would rather not have to return it...

Thanks in advance.

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Thu Aug 03 2023Reply from AJ_Diaz
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If you tried a different, known working power cord, then you could have one or more issues with the AC Charger, the AC/DC Charger Module, or the Main Board. Outside of the power cord being the problem, you might have a more serious issue.

I don't think this model is supported by Zoll anymore so you might be better off sending it back, cutting your losses and finding one from a 3rd party vendor.

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Mon Aug 07 2023Reply from Denova Medical
Denova Medical

The Zoll E-series was designed for EMS and not for office use. That is what the E means in the model name. The E-series requires a good battery to operate.  The AC power only recharges the battery, but will not operate the unit. The Zoll M-series is the model that would work the way you want.

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