Thu Aug 03 2023

Instrument not turning on.

The instrument will not turn on. The LCD is not displaying anything. The main power switch turns on, illuminates, and the two 10 A fuses on the back test fine. I've measured ~120 V AC on the terminal bar inside the back. I've tested all of the fuses I can find after removing covers, and all have continuity. I tested continuity of the on/off switch and it opens and closes fine. It reads 15 V AC at each of the switch posts though. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Tue Aug 15 2023Reply from EmilB
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I found the problem is the circuit board mounted transformer, "TR1" failed. Printed on the case is "X041067-0001", which I can't find any information for on the internet, and Leica has stopped supporting the EG 1160.

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