Thu Aug 10 2023

Foot section not working with remote

The remote moves all the parts of the chair except for the foot section.  There is power and you can hear it wanting to move but nothing happens.  Checked the cords and power to that part of the table.  All looks good.

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Thu Aug 10 2023Reply from Chris-CBET
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Have you checked the drawer, isn't beeping? Swap motors on the main board to see if it's the actuator, board or controls

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Fri Aug 11 2023Reply from Denova Medical
Denova Medical

I am not familiar with that model, however, if the table is hydraulic powered, which it sounds from your description, then you have a main pump to produce hydraulic pressure and solenoid valves to direct the fluid to the pistons to produce each motion. The hydraulic pressure is not getting to the foot section, which can be stopped by one of two or three solenoid valves not actuating. 

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