Sat Aug 12 2023

System test failing one of three tests.

When pressing the system test selector switch, the machine passes two of the three tests, but always displays "System Leak Test... Failed". Anesthesiologist reports the machine appears to function OK and is able to use it. Any ideas why this might be happening? Unfortunately, this is a long distance attempt to solve this issue at the moment. Anes. is willing to help with issue if it's a simple solution, otherwise I'll have to make the four hour trip. All suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

Equipment: Drager Fabius Tiro. Sevo vaporizer, Cosy etc.

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Mon Aug 14 2023Reply from MapleTreeBiomed

Hi Raydel, 

They can try running the leak test with the vaporizer removed to start. They can make sure the absorbant canister is screwed on tight (for loose fill) or test the machine with the canister removed (if they have the CLIC option). Check to see if the tubing for the APL and Peep valves is loose on the back of the machine. And really just check all the connections are tight. A tech should lay hands on it after that. 

Good Luck!

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