Sun Aug 13 2023

ie33 won’t boot

Rev F.3 , it will start to boot for about 4 seconds, green led comes on near fans then shuts down.

Equipment: Philips - iE33 Echocardiography

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Sun Aug 13 2023Reply from LOGALEX
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Held power button longer , now just a no video input box. 

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Tue Aug 15 2023Reply from BMET-KY
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I would check voltages on power supply and adjust if needed. Since its only powering on for a couple sec it may be tricky to catch and adjust. but here is what you should get if you need a diagram provide you email and I can send it over.

+3.65 V = 3.70 - 3.75V

+5.35 V = 5.35 - 5.40V

-5.35 V = -5.35 - -5.40V

+12 V = 12.00 - 12.05V

+15 V = 15.10 - 15.15V

-15 V = 15.05 - 15.10V

+48 V = 47.90 - 48.10V

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Tue Sep 12 2023Reply from FENC
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more info. I would think if the light in the back isn’t flashing when it shuts down, it could be a faulty power button or usb board behind the dvd drive.remove the connections there and power on from the  signal distribution on the wall beside the umb/emb. If that doesn’t work or the light is flashing, it could be any one of the following.

Power supply

Burned pins on AFP 

AFP to Power supply cable

NAIM or Channel Board

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