Tue Aug 22 2023

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how replace back up battery

Equipment: Opus 10 Lumenis

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Mon Aug 28 2023Reply from krkenney88

Hi Grim,

I have the manual for this, but the printed instructions are as follows:

When the indication BAT flashes in the upper line of the display, the battery must be changed. In order to do this, first remove the sensor module (see above “changing the sensor module”). Then remove the four screws on the rear of the display module with a suitable screwdriver. Lay the display module on a flat surface, with the display facing upwards, and carefully take off the upper part of the plastic cover. Now remove the old battery and insert the new one (Type: LS14500/Saft, 3.6V; Order No: 8152.SV1) into the holder. Important: observe the correct polarity of the battery and read the safety tips mentioned on it. The BAT indication now disappears and the measurement values are shown again on the display. The battery should be changed annually. Frequent data transfer with the PC reduces the battery lifespan.

Please let me know if you'd like me to provide you with the manual.

Koby Kenney
MedWrench Guru

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