Wed Aug 23 2023

Siremobil ISO-C error7300

Good afternoon, please help me deal with the Err 7300 error that occurs when the device is booting.

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Wed Aug 23 2023Reply from Tomelgy
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Error 7300 is the X-Ray iris movement blocked.

This can be caused by: -

1) Broken wire from D1 CPU to the collimator.

2) It could be the D30 PCB (damaged relay contact).

3) There is a small nylon gear mounted on the 'Lift Magnet' the gear teeth can be damaged. The part can be ordered from Siemens. If replacing you MUST mark the gear with marker pen (very important as the gear is concentric) when when replacing the new gear must be put in correct position otherwise you will have loads of trouble..

3) The collimator motor failed.

To check, at power-on does the iris open I close, do the slots open & close does the slot diaphragms rotate (as the lift magnet energises).

Common problems: -

broken wire or gear damaged.


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Wed Aug 23 2023Reply from Djzakdell
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Thank you very much for your reply, we will check these nodes that you indicated. I am from Ukraine, the doctors really like this device, so they are asking to restore it.

What is the function of the small round connector on the back of the device, the doctors say it was always disconnected, and the plug on the cable was mechanically damaged during transportation?

Please share the service documentation if you can and does it exist at all, where there are electrical diagrams so that it is possible to trace the connection of the conductors.

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Wed Aug 23 2023Reply from outinleft
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The lift-magnet gear is only for the Slot Diaphragm, is not part of the X-iris, and cannot cause a 7300 error. We have a 2829880 Collimator (on exchange) if you need one.

Wayne Horsman
Columbia Imaging
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Mon Aug 28 2023Reply from Tomelgy
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if you are referring to the main c-arm system, then it could be the footswitch plug/socket.

If the monitor cart, then it could be related to video output/external printer connection.


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