Thu Aug 24 2023

Front panel assembly swap

So I swapped the front panel assembly and now the new piece does not turn on. I checked with the old part and no power there either. The board gets power but the board reset button does not work. Any insight on what steps need to be taken if any when swapping that part.

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Thu Aug 24 2023Reply from Chris-CBET
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do you have a multimeter?

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Fri Aug 25 2023Reply from TRS
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First of all, double check the ribbon cable connection.  Secondly, if the old touch pad and the new touch pad are failing in the exact same manner, the front panel is most likely not the issue.  There can be an issue with the power supply or the main pcb.  Output voltage to the main pcb needs to be checked should be able to measure 23.91 to 24.91 vdc.  If that voltage is present, the main pcb is most likely the culprit.

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