Tue Jan 16 2024

E001 power interruption code

I keep getting E001 code.  I have tried different outlets, moved it to a completely different part of the building, had maintenance/repair done and still get the code.

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Tue Jan 16 2024Reply from Likelei
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If there is an AC Line interruption (such as unit being unplugged or power loss in facility), the unit will error E001. After power is restored, pressing the 'ON/STANDBY' button should clear the error. This is regular behavior on old-style M9/M11 sterilizers. If this is a recurring issue independent of facility power, consider either a bad power cord or PC board.

In the last week, we have experienced several old-style M9/M11's in our service area that have developed electrical gremlins from power surges due to extreme weather. The boards on these units are showing burnt traces and failed transformers. 

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Sat Feb 24 2024Reply from AlaskaDan
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Visually inspect inside the cabinet for burned up terminals where the cord connects and remove the plate on the bottom to inspect the connections to the overheat protector.

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Sun Feb 25 2024Reply from JV

Have you checked your over temp thermostats? You have 2 ways to check them.

1. With the water tank empty, put the unit on its side (water tank side) down.  Open the inspection plate to check out the thermostats, if they are open there is why you are getting the E001.

2.  Go in to diags and scroll through it, one of the last checks show you if the thermostats is open.

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Sun Feb 25 2024Reply from Chris-CBET
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Overtemp thermostats aren't going to produce the e001 error. They have their own code.  If they are open, you simply won't get power. 

Are you unable to clear the e001 error or does it just come up intermittently?

 E001 means you've lost power.  If it's a power ro the unit issue. I.e. utility, you will need to address that.

If your issue doesn't end there you'll need to remove the cover on the right. On the left side of main pcb you'll find dip switches, move the top dipswitch and restart. This will put you into service mode where you can pull the last 6 error codes and find out what the real issue is.

If you just can't get past the e001 error and you have an old style. Power up, let it blink e001 for 15 or so seconds then just hit the on/standby button to clear it.

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Thu Feb 29 2024Reply from MapleTreeBiomed

We need to double check on the model. E001 is typical of the older M11-001 models when a steam leak causes the overtemp thermostats to trigger. The more modern M11-020 and newer can tell the difference when the thermostats are triggered and will tell you Hi-Limit instead of 001.

If it's an older M11-001, remove the grate on the back left of the top and use a flat headed screw driver to open the top of the reservoir. Back off the rear left screw with a philips head to make this easier. Start a cycle and wait till it reaches around 200 degrees F. Does the pipe in the back still spew a lot of steam? A little bit is OK but a lot means the bellows is worn out. Is water being pushed back into the chamber through the condensing coil? Then the vent solenoid is worn out or has debris in there. Replace the plunger and hopefully the nipple inside isn't chipped.

If it's a new M11. Remove the left side panel. Start a cycle and mark the water level on the outside with a sharpy once the fill cycle is finished. Wait for it to heat up to 200F. Does the water level raise? Shine  a flashlight against the tank to help. If so, do you see waves like it's coming out of the condenser coil and splashing? Then it's the vent solenoid. Again, plunger kit. Can you hear a lot of steam flowing into the chamber? That's the air valve.

In both cases. Double check the door gasket isn't leaking and that the 40psi pressure relief valve isn't leaking. That last one should be obvious when it's dripping out the back of the machine. The door gasket would leave a puddle under the front. 

After that.. the fiber gaskets around the heating element, but water would again be collecting underneath the machine. 

Good Luck!

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Thu Feb 29 2024Reply from Rosário da Silva
Rosário da Silva

Thank´s for help. The next week i will try to solve the problem. Thank´s very much!

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