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I have voluson s10 bt16, with 3 probes (3d abdominal, curved abdominal and 3d vaginal)

Recently i have a problem that during examination and after unfreeze there is hyperechogensity that it is not possible to examine the patient and see and details of structures. It stays for a couple of seconds then improve gradually till it back to be normal again.

The problem is the same across the 3 probes. 

What it might be ? And how can i fix it?

Equipment: GE HealthCare - Voluson S10

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To diagnose this problem, I’d recommend to use service diagnostics in the utility tab.

You’ll need service password generated by special gen , or service dongle . 

Also you can use troubleshooting guide from service manual. You can find service manual here:">

Or i can send you one on email.

Also, if you want, i can help you with troubleshooting and generate service passwords for you.

Please write me on my email:

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Sun Feb 18 2024Reply from Nour1951
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There could be several potential causes for this problem. It could be related to settings on the machine, such as gain or depth adjustments, which might need to be calibrated or reset. It's also possible that there's an issue with the image processing or software that's causing the hyperechogenicity.

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Mon Feb 19 2024Reply from Murriyo
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I can explain how to accomplish this if you can let me know the software level. Locate and click the Utilities or Setup key/button, then choose System Info. The version of the software will be displayed at the top of the System Info section on the right. BT and Extension level will be displayed. Depending on the system's age.

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Wed Feb 21 2024Reply from Tarek debes
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Thanks for all the help. 

GE technician said that it might be a fault in the beamforming board. So they are taking it for repair. 

Much appreciated

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