Mon Apr 01 2024

Refrigerant type and volume

We seem to need a recharge. Taking the front plate off I can see it takes 404a but I don't know the volume it takes. Anyone have an idea?

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Mon Apr 01 2024Reply from Ross
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Usually there is a plate on the back which states the refrigerant and amount. If it is no longer there, here's what the manual says (from 2005 or 2006):

"9-14-1 Pressures in the cooling system

After the filling and a durance run of approx. 3 h at a max. set temperature (-35°C), the following pressure is generated in the system at an ambient temperature of +20° to +25°C.

Suction pressure 1 bar abs (? -46°C R 404 a)

Condenser 13 to 14 bar (at a condensing temperature of ? +26 bis +30°C Refrigerant R 404 a

9-14-2 Refrigerant

The fluorocarbon-free R 404 a is used as refrigerant. As a substitute, the following types can be used:

CFC-free: R134a, R402a, R407a, R407b, R507 Containinig CFCs: R12, R502, R22

Except for type R507 and R502 you should reckon with a corresponding reduced cooling power.

CAUTION! The respective valid legal rules and regulations concerning the usage of refrigerants must strictly be observed!

It is not necessary to exchange to oil. The filling amount for R507, R22, R502 is 0,390 kg. For the other refrigerants, no values have been determined."

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Wed Apr 03 2024Reply from Jlax
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Thank you very much! Yeah our sticker must have been removed at some point. The only reason I knew the refrigerant is when I took the front panel off there was a label for the type but no volume/weight/pressures. Thank you very much!

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