Mon Jun 03 2024

EZ10K cannot complete cycles

Our EZ10K is set for 121C, 15 min, 00 dry time.  From a cold start it reaches temperature in good time (13-14 minutes), and maintains pretty steady temperature and pressure for the first 11-12 minutes.  It then begins losing pressure, and temperature along with it.  With 2 minutes left it aborts, giving a LOW TEMP message and failure on the printout.

I verified it is putting 600 mL of water in the chamber.  There are no apparent leaks anywhere.  The water enters the chamber properly when starting a cycle, and it all goes back to the reservoir at the end.  

We replaced the water level sensor today and raised the front feet.  It still cannot complete a cycle.

Any advice on settings or parts that might help?  

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Mon Jun 24 2024Reply from CTL73
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It does get to the sterilization cycle, it gets to temperature and pressure in very good time--around 12-14 minutes from cold.  The first 5-10 minutes of the cycle are perfect, but then the pressure starts dropping, then the temperature drops and the cycle fails (low temp).  

Now that I have seen the water spurting back into the rez via the coiled copper tube during the cycle, I ordered a new entire solenoid assembly for that line.  I should have time to install it this Wednesday or Thursday.  I'll also pay attention to the air valve sound.  

I probably should just replace all solenoid assemblies to get this project over with instead of going one at a time.  

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Mon Jun 24 2024Reply from Chris-CBET

This is a tuttnauer, it's possible one of your heaters have gone bad...also possible you've got a pressure crack in the chamber...strip all the insulation off, run that cycle and look all over as it heats up for any sign of leaks

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Fri Jun 28 2024Reply from CTL73
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OK, I finally have good news!  I replaced the return vent solenoid, and now the unit can complete cycles.  If it wasn't for all of your help, I might still be guessing at this.  It seems new solenoids fix most of the problems I've seen with Tuttnauers, and this was no different.  It's just a problem I never ran across until now.

Thanks again for your support!

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