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Tue Aug 07 2012

Handpiece of Harmonic Scalpel

Generator 300 Harmonic Scalpel doesn't recognized the new Handpiece,I try to install my Handpiece to other Generator,It works.It's Possible that, the Generator is the problem?Or for calibration?I checked connector cable, all were okay



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Mon Apr 11 2016Reply from Options_Unlock
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Hello Ado!

Did you use the last version of the software on your generator?

If not, you need to replace the chip with a new software.



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Wed Aug 22 2012Reply from MedWrenchManager

We had to replace our generators. The new generator is backward compatable with the old handpieces using an adapter. Hope this helps, John

Answered by John R., CE Coordinator at Ivinson Memorial Hospital via LinkedIN

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